• Yongan Electric Vibro Hammer Double Clamp 500~1500mm DZJ-90


Motor Power Kw: 90

Eccentric Moment (Nm): 573

Driving Force (Kn): 57920

Speed (r/min): 960

Amplitude (Mm): 6.6

Maximum Line Pull (Kn): 254

Inverter: With

Frequency: Adjustable

Length (m): 1.85

Width (m): 1.30

Height (m): 2.50

Vibro Hammer Weight (kg): 5,700

Clamp: Double Clamp 500~1500mm

Clamp Weight (Kg): 2,800

Project situation: Qingdao Bay Bridge-the east from the entrance of Yangjia Qun of 308 National road in Qingdao main urban zone, the west to Huandao red cliff. It crosses sea area of Jiaozhou Gulf. The line lenth of first stage project is 28.047KM and the second stage project is 12KM , The lenth across sea is 25.171KM. The lenth of Qingdao side connection road is 749M, of Huangdao side connection road is 827.021M and of Hongdao connection road is 1.3KM. The width of the main bridge is 35m. It hase six lanes and double direction. The design drive speed is 80km/h. The project estimated investiment is about 90.4 hundred million.
The geogy situation: silty clay, silty lime rock stratum.
Construction situation: the diameter of steel pipe sheet is 820mm, and driving depth is 15m-23m

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Yongan Electric Vibro Hammer Double Clamp 500~1500mm DZJ-90

  • Php3,190,000.00

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